river capture

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Overview page. Subjects: Law — Science and Mathematics.

The rapid and easily perceived increase in a parcel of land due to natural occurrences such as the sudden change in a river's course (cf accretion), which does not affect ...

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Overview page. Subjects: Chemistry — Physics.

Any of various processes in which a system of particles absorbs an extra particle. There are several examples in atomic and nuclear physics. For instance, a positive ion may capture an...

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subsequent stream

Overview page. Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography — Ecology and Conservation.

Rivers running down the strike of usually weak strata, or along the line of a fault, at right angles to consequent streams.

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valley-side bench

Overview page. Subjects: Ecology and Conservation — Earth Sciences and Geography.

A terrace-like land-form standing on the flank of a valley, but lacking a veneer of alluvium. It may have originated as a true river terrace from which the alluvium has been stripped by...

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