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Overview page. Subjects: Decorative Arts, Furniture, and Industrial Design.

Domestic implements, predominantly of metal, used for a variety of purposes, particularly for eating. The term generally describes knives, forks and spoons for dining but also refers to...

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harvesters, combine

Overview page. Subjects: History.

Mechanical mowers and reapers began to replace the scythe and sickle in the 1860s, but the old methods long continued in use. The reaper–binder was invented in the 1880s but was not used on...

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Overview page. Subjects: History.

A scythe is often shown as a symbolic attribute of Time or Death.

A scythe is also the emblem of St Juthwara and St Sidwell, sisters, and reputed British virgin martyrs with cults...

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tools, hand

Overview page. Subjects: History.

Hand tools were not only the basis of the old agricultural economy, they shaped the modern industrial world. London was an ancient centre of tool manufacture (as in much else), but by the...

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