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Charlotte Desmares

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.


French actress. Daughter of Nicolas Desmares and niece of Mlle Champmeslé, she was born in Copenhagen where her father managed a French troupe. She began her career as...

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Overview page. Subjects: Literature — Theatre.

A minor or secondary character in a play (or other literary work), in whom the protagonist confides, revealing his or her state of mind in dialogue rather than in soliloquies. Commonly the...

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Fanny Davenport

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

(1850–98) American actress and manager, daughter of actor E. L. Davenport and English actress Fanny Vining.

She began in stock soubrette roles, including Carline in The Black...

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Harriet Waylett

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

(1798–1851) English actress, born into the stage family of Cooke. She made an early debut; when she ran away with an officer, her father sued for loss of her services. She married but soon...

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Louise-Françoise Contat

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre.

(1760–1813) and


French actresses.

Louise made her debut at the Comédie-Française in 1776 and quickly made her mark in high comedy: her nickname was...

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stock character

Overview page. Subjects: Theatre — Literature.

A stereotyped character easily recognized by readers or audiences from recurrent appearances in literary or folk tradition, usually within a specific genre such as comedy or fairy tale....

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