Maḥmud Ṭāleqāni

(d. 1979)

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Overview page. Subjects: Islam.

The study of the production, distribution, and consumption of resources, and the management of state income and expenditure. See also classical economics, ecological economics,...

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Mehdi Bazargan

Overview page. Subjects: Islam.


Iranian modernist, university professor, reformer, and major voice of the Islamic opposition in the pre- and post-1979 revolutionary eras. Founded or cofounded many...

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Overview page. Subjects: Islam.

(1) Plural of mujahid, “one who engages in jihad.” Often translated as “warriors of God.” Technically, the term does not have a necessary connection with war. In recent years those Muslims...

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Ruhollah Khomeini

Overview page. Subjects: Islam — Contemporary History (Post 1945).


Iranian Shiite Muslim leader. After 16 years in exile he returned to Iran in 1979 to lead an Islamic revolution which overthrew the shah. He established a fundamentalist...

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