John Webster

(1611—1682) schoolmaster and polemicist

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Francis Bacon

Overview page. Subjects: Literature.

(1561–1626). English statesman and philosopher;

Bacon counts as one of the first English empiricists and was a supporter of the inductive method (the “Baconian” method). He...

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John Wilkins

Overview page. Subjects: Philosophy.


Bp. of Chester from 1668. His chief interests lay in the furthering of science and philosophical linguistics, and when the Royal Society received its charter in 1662 he...

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Oxford Philosophy

Overview page. Subjects: Philosophy.

The study and teaching of philosophy in Oxford go back at least to the early thirteenth-century Augustinian, or Neoplatonist, Robert Grosseteste, one of the few medieval philosophers to...

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Seth Ward

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity — Philosophy.


Bp. successively of Exeter (from 1662) and Salisbury (from 1667). He had earlier been Savilian Professor of Astronomy at Oxford and was one of the original members of...

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