James Whatman

(1702—1759) paper maker

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dated paper

Overview page. Subjects: Bibliography.

Paper with a date incorporated as a watermark or countermark. In very early papers, dates appeared occasionally, but were uncommon. French paper from 1742 onwards was marked regularly with...

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John Baskerville

Overview page. Subjects: Bibliography.


English typefounder and printer, first a writing‐master. By 1754 he had established a printing office and type foundry in Birmingham. His books are notable for the...

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Springfield, Kent

Overview page. Subjects: Bibliography.

*Paper mill at Maidstone, Kent, started by William Balston in 1805 after leaving Turkey Mill, where he had worked for J. Whatman II. A year later, the copyright of Whatman ...

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wove paper

Overview page. Subjects: Bibliography — Art.

Was developed in 1755 in order to provide paper with a smoother surface than laid paper. It is made from a tray with the mesh so tightly woven as to leave no marks.

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