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Overview page. Subjects: Psychology — Medicine and Health.

Departing from what is usual or what is the rule or norm (1, 2). [From Latin ab from  +  norma a rule  +  -alis of or relating to]

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aversion therapy

Overview page. Subjects: Medicine and Health.

A form of behaviour therapy that is used to reduce the occurrence of undesirable behaviour, such as sexual deviations or drug addiction. Conditioning is used, with repeated pairing of some...

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Body Language

Overview page. Subjects: Medieval and Renaissance History (500 to 1500).

The ideal of late Roman and Byz. behavior was “statuary”: one should imitate the statue (agalma), avoiding unnecessary movements and appearing solemn and quiet. Early medieval attitudes...

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Brain Gym

Overview page. Subjects: Education.

An educational programme based on using physical movement to develop an integrated and coordinated approach to learning, using not only cognition, but also physical and sensory skills....

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cognitive behaviour modification

Overview page. Subjects: Psychology.

A form of psychotherapy based on cognitive therapy and behaviour modification, in which the client or patient learns to replace dysfunctional self-speech (such as I knew I'd never be able...

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cognitive dissonance

Overview page. Subjects: Business and Management — Psychology.

A state of mental conflict caused by a difference between a consumer's expectations of a product and its actual performance. As expectations are largely formed by advertising, dissonance...

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corporal punishment

Overview page. Subjects: Arts and Humanities — International Law.

Administration of physical pain in order to (1) make a wrongdoer suffer for the wrong, and (2) attempt to change future behaviour by the wrongdoer and others (as specific or general...

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deficit model

Overview page. Subjects: Education.

A perspective which attributes failures such as lack of achievement, learning, or success in gaining employment to a personal lack of effort or deficiency in the individual, rather than to...

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deputy head

Overview page. Subjects: Education.

A senior member of school staff whose role is normally to act as second in command to the head teacher, and to stand in for them in their absence. The precise duties and detail of the post...

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Overview page. Subjects: Science and Mathematics.

1 A field of academic study, such as chemistry or English, which constitutes an area of teaching and research within higher education and in the academic community as a whole.


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