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Andrew Melville

Overview page. Subjects: History — Christianity.


Scottish Reformer and theologian, concerned especially with educational reform. Entrusted in 1575 with the responsibility of compiling the Second Book of Discipline,...

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A Directory of Church Government

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.


An English translation of a Book of Discipline compiled in Latin by W. Travers. In both English and Latin it circulated in manuscript among the Puritans. The English...

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John Knox

Overview page. Subjects: History — Religion.

(c. 1505–72)

Scottish Protestant reformer. After early involvement in the Scottish Reformation he spent more than a decade preaching in Europe, during which time he stayed in...

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Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.

In the reformed Church of Scotland, officials appointed under the First Book of Discipline (1560) to oversee districts roughly corresponding to the old dioceses. While they enjoyed some...

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Tulchan Bishops

Overview page. Subjects: Christianity.

A term contemptuously applied to the titular bishops introduced into the Reformed Church of Scotland after a concordat in the Assembly of Leith (1572). It derives from the Gaelic tulachan,...

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