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Overview page. Subjects: History.

Collecting all the field‐names of a parish from every available source, from earliest times to the present day, is a worthwhile task for a local historian or a group project. Unlike the...

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Acute dialysis quality initiative (ADQI)

Claudio Ronco, John A. Kellum and Ravindra Mehta.

in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation

August 2001; p ublished online August 2001 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Nephrology. 1714 words.

A new star is born. Its name is ADQI which stands for Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative. In the firmament of guidelines and directions for appropriate management of renal diseases, little...

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NOS inhibition potentiates norepinephrine but not sympathetic nerve-mediated co-transmission in resistance arteries

Karen M Smith, Joyce B Macmillan, Kirsty M McCulloch and John C McGrath.

in Cardiovascular Research

August 1999; p ublished online August 1999 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine. 5404 words.


Objective: The in vitro interaction between sympathetic nerves and basal nitric oxide release was studied in a resistance artery, since...

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Blurry Vision

D. Eric Searls.

in Stroke

April 2016; p ublished online May 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Neurology. 1246 words.

Transient monocular visual loss has several different names in the literature—transient monocular blindness and amaurosis fugax—which results in considerable confusion. All these terms...

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Breuer’s Contributions to Psychiatry and Philosophy

Robert W. Baloh.

in Vertigo

October 2016; p ublished online November 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Neurology. 4203 words.

Josef Breuer was a practicing physician who saw many patients with psychiatric symptoms. He was a scientist and philosopher, but at his core he was a physician. His foray into the field of...

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Epidemiology and molecular foundation

Dr Fu Siong Ng and Nicholas Peters.

in Landmark Papers in Cardiovascular Medicine

September 2012; p ublished online November 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine. 10396 words.

Selecting a short list of landmark basic science and epidemiology papers in the field of cardiac electrophysiology for this chapter has been no easy task. For every paper listed in the...

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Interventional electrophysiology

Dr James Harrison, Dr Nick Linton, Dr Matthew Wright and Dr Mark O’Neill.

in Landmark Papers in Cardiovascular Medicine

September 2012; p ublished online November 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine. 7972 words.

One challenge in compiling a chapter of this nature is to achieve a fair balance between the inclusion and exclusion of studies with equally valid claims to be landmarks in the field....

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A House Called Helen

Jacqueline Worswick.

November 2000; p ublished online November 2011 .

Book. Subjects: Palliative Medicine. 284 pages.

The concept of a children's hospice, seen as innovative when the first, Helen House, opened in Oxford in 1982, is now well established, and the growth in the number of children's hospices...

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The generation and use of human embryonic stem cells

Mikael C. O. Englund and Christopher L. R. Barratt.

in Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes

P ublished online July 2011 .

Chapter. Subjects: Endocrinology and Diabetes. 6648 words.

Ever since the first human embryonic stem cells (hES) were successfully derived and propagated in 1998 (1), an obvious topic of discussion has been the development of novel therapies based...

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Pharmacogenetics in rheumatology: the prospects and limitations of an emerging field

C. Siva, W. M. Yokoyama and H. L. McLeod.

in Rheumatology

November 2002; p ublished online November 2002 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Rheumatology. 4311 words.

Objectives. To review the fundamental concepts of pharmacogenetics and analyse how the broad principles of this rapidly emerging field may influence the treatment of rheumatic...

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P128Ellagic acid reduces L-type Ca2+ current and induces negative inotropy through NO-GC-cGMP pathway in rat ventricular myocytes

S Ozdemir, Y Olgar, N Ozturk, C Usta and PE Puddu.

in Cardiovascular Research

July 2014; p ublished online July 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine. 0 words.

Recent evidences have shown that phenolic structures can exert many biological functions. Ellagic acid (EA), a phenolic compound, has been suggested to have cardioprotective effects. In...

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