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Overview page. Subjects: Music.

Formed in 1964 in Long Island, New York, USA, the Illusion were a locally popular band in the same ‘blue-eyed soul’ scene that also produced more world-famous bands such as ...

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The Sustainability Story: Exposing Truths, Half-Truths, and Illusions

Peter Dauvergne.

in New Earth Politics

April 2016; p ublished online September 2016 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social Impact of Environmental Issues (Social Science). 6228 words.

This chapter analyzes the growing influence of multinational corporations on the narrative of sustainability, demonstrating how over the past decade they have been turning a once critical...

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USGS and the Illusion of Responsibility

Cynthia A. Ramotnik.

in BioScience

April 2015; p ublished online February 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Environmental Science; Biological Sciences; Environment. 1702 words.

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Militarizing the Environment

Robert P. Marzec.

December 2015; p ublished online September 2016 .

Book. Subjects: Environment. 320 pages.

As the seriousness of planetary climate change becomes more acknowledged, American and global security institutions are responding by taking a prominent role in the governing of...

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Black Water Rising

Daniel McCool.

in River Republic

July 2014; p ublished online November 2015 .

Chapter. Subjects: Environment. 9036 words.

This chapter examines how flood control diminished the value of American rivers as a natural resource and instead allocated them to narrow, extractive uses. The federal government warns...

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Deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia

Philip M. Fearnside.

in Environmental Science

P ublished online February 2017 .

Article. Subjects: Environment; Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology; Environmental Science. 13614 words.

Tropical deforestation represents one of the world’s great environmental problems, and Brazilian Amazonia has particular importance owing to the current rate of forest loss and the vast...

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Barriers at the Intersection of Development, Ecology, and Evolution

Richard R. Strathmann.

in BioScience

January 2015; p ublished online November 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Environmental Science; Biological Sciences; Environment. 3723 words.

Specialization and diverse questions combine to advance and fragment biological research. Fragmentation results from different questions of the same system, such as the separation of...

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