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Overview page. Subjects: Music.

Formed in 1964 in Long Island, New York, USA, the Illusion were a locally popular band in the same ‘blue-eyed soul’ scene that also produced more world-famous bands such as ...

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Tempting Illusions, Scary Realities, or the Emperor’s New Clothes II

Anders Jerichow.

in A Matter of Principle

November 2005; p ublished online March 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social Movements and Social Change. 4133 words.

Tempting illusions and scary realities dominate the whole Iraq affair. No outside powers have accepted any responsibility for the continued regime of Saddam Hussein for twenty-three...

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The Illusion of Diffusion

Joel Best.

in Flavor of the Month

October 2006; p ublished online March 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Social Research and Statistics. 5783 words.

Genuine people do not feel they need to pay much attention to fads. They learn to dismiss fads as trivial, silly, and inconsequential. People tend to pick examples of young people playing:...

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Black Trans Narratives, Sex Work, and the Illusive Flesh

L. H. Stallings.

in Funk the Erotic

August 2015; p ublished online April 2017 .

Chapter. Subjects: Gender and Sexuality. 14064 words.

This chapter considers how two writers—Toni Newman and Red Jordan Arobateau—rely on sex work, spirituality, and deconstructions of Western embodiment in order to theorize transgender...

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Financial crisis in Southeast Asia: dispelling illusion the Minskyan way

Philip Arestis and Murray Glickman.

in Cambridge Journal of Economics

March 2002; p ublished online March 2002 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Economics; Political Economy; Economic Sociology. 0 words.

This paper extends Minsky's financial instability hypothesis to the case of the open, ‘liberalised’, economy, making it possible to put forward a specifically Minskyan account of the road to...

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News Media Exposure and Self‐Perceived Knowledge: The Illusion of Knowing

Cheong‐Yi Park.

in International Journal of Public Opinion Research

December 2001; p ublished online December 2001 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Communication Studies; Marketing; Media and Communication; Political Behaviour; Social Research and Statistics. 0 words.

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Living and Dying in Worst Case Worlds

Lee Clarke.

in Worst Cases

November 2005; p ublished online February 2013 .

Chapter. Subjects: Sociology. 10055 words.

This chapter discusses the need to live with the fact that there will always be worst cases and disasters. People should not fear them but prepare for them. This chapter provides some...

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emergent norms

Overview page. Subjects: Sociology.

Standards of behaviour that are gradually established by people who have come together into a group. Thus, for example, the ‘emergent norm theory of crowds’ suggests that, although crowds...

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Against the Stream?

in No Heavenly Delusion?

March 2003; p ublished online June 2013 .

Chapter. Subjects: Sociology. 10984 words.

The three communal movements that have been considered in this book — the Kibbutz, the Bruderhof and the Integrierte Gemeinde — are all organised around communities and trace their roots to...

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Guatemala: The Role of the Maya in the Worldview of Marxist Insurgency

John D. Early.

in Maya and Catholic Cultures in Crisis

July 2012; p ublished online September 2012 .

Chapter. Subjects: Sociology. 5777 words.

This chapter sketches the background that led to Guatemalan Maya involvement in a Marxist armed insurrection. There was a national crisis fed by governmental corruption. In reaction,...

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collective behaviour

Overview page. Subjects: Sociology.

Potentially a very wide-ranging field of study which deals with the ways in which collective behaviours emerge as responses to problematic circumstances and situations. At one extreme this...

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