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Rob Base And DJ E-Z Rock

Overview page. Subjects: Music.

Light-hearted, New York-based rap unit distinctive through its exploration of musical genres, and an aversion to speech-only raps. Samples and lifts from Motown, James Brown (particularly...

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Whitehead and Schools X, Y, and Z

Graham Harman.

in The Lure of Whitehead

October 2014; p ublished online August 2015 .

Chapter. Subjects: Philosophy. 7388 words.

Graham Harman’s “Whitehead and Schools X, Y, and Z,” distinguishes among three schools of contemporary philosophy according to their respective positions on process, becoming, and...

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New role of zCRY and zPER2 as regulators of sub‐cellular distributions of zCLOCK and zBMAL proteins

Jun Hirayama, Itsuki Fukuda, Tomoko Ishikawa, Yuri Kobayashi and Takeshi Todo.

in Nucleic Acids Research

February 2003; p ublished online February 2003 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Chemistry; Biochemistry; Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Genetics and Genomics; Molecular and Cell Biology. 6917 words.

The core oscillator that generates circadian rhythm in eukaryotes consists of transcription/translation‐based autoregulatory feedback loops by which clock gene products negatively regulate...

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Keynes's <i>Z</i> function, heterogeneous output and marginal productivity

MG Hayes.

in Cambridge Journal of Economics

September 2007; p ublished online April 2007 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Macroeconomics: Consumption, Saving, Production, Employment, and Investment; General Aggregative Models; Individual Economists; Economic Methodology. 6239 words.

Keynes was adamant that the assumption of homogeneous output and capital in macroeconomic theory is inadmissable. His aggregate supply or Z function is a generalisation of Marshall's...

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Growing Up with <i>Astro Boy</i> and <i>Mazinger Z</i>

Dong-Yeon Koh.

in Japanese Animation

July 2013; p ublished online March 2014 .

Chapter. Subjects: Literary Studies (20th Century onwards). 10900 words.

This chapter examines the historical context in which Japanese animation was imported into Korea during the 1970s and 1980s, focusing on Astro Boy (2009), the Hollywood remake of Tezuka...

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The <i>𝒵</i>-transform and linear multistep stability

James J. Coughlan, Adrian T. Hill and Hartmut Logemann.

in IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis

January 2007; p ublished online January 2007 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Mathematics. 0 words.

This paper makes systematic use of control-theoretic methods such as the 𝒵-transform, small-gain theorems and frequency-domain stability criteria in the analysis of the stability behaviour...

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Scanning transmission electron microscopy and <b> <i>Z</i> </b>-contrast

John C. H. Spence.

in High-Resolution Electron Microscopy

September 2013; p ublished online January 2014 .

Chapter. Subjects: Condensed Matter Physics. 14824 words.

Chapter 8 reviews the theory of scanning transmission electron microscopy using a field-emission electron microscope. The bright-field, dark-field, and high-angle dark-field modes are...

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Galaxy clustering at <i>z</i> ∼ 2 and halo radii

B. F. Roukema, D. Valls-Gabaud, B. Mobasher and S. Bajtlik.

in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

May 1999; p ublished online May 1999 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Astronomy and Astrophysics. 11479 words.


The amplitude of the angular two-point galaxy autocorrelation function w(θ) for galaxies at z ̃ 2 is estimated for galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field...

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Effects of Mutations in Arabidopsis <i>FtsZ1</i> on Plastid Division, FtsZ Ring Formation and Positioning, and FtsZ Filament Morphology in Vivo

David W. Yoder, Deena Kadirjan-Kalbach, Bradley J. S. C. Olson, Shin-ya Miyagishima, Stacy L. DeBlasio, Roger P. Hangarter and Katherine W. Osteryoung.

in Plant and Cell Physiology

June 2007; p ublished online June 2007 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Biochemistry; Molecular and Cell Biology; Plant Sciences and Forestry. 10458 words.

In plants, chloroplast division FtsZ proteins have diverged into two families, FtsZ1 and FtsZ2. FtsZ1 is more divergent from its bacterial counterparts and lacks a C-terminal motif...

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Interpolations of Rosseland-mean opacities for variable <i>X</i> and <i>Z</i>

M.J. Seaton.

in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

March 1996 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Astronomy and Astrophysics. 0 words.

For fixed relative abundances of ‘metal’ atoms, stellar compositions are specified by mass fractions X for hydrogen and Z for metals (the helium mass fraction being Y=1−XZ).


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Pattern of Shoot Growth in <i>Zizyphus mauritiana</i> and <i>Z. oenoplia</i>


in Annals of Botany

September 1999; p ublished online September 1999 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Ecology and Conservation; Evolutionary Biology; Plant Sciences and Forestry. 22 words.

Shoot polymorphism and patterns of sylleptic branching and shoot tip abscission in two Zizyphus species are reported. Z. mauritiana (ber) produced three types of proleptic shoots: vigorous,...

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