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Overview page. Subjects: Buddhism.

(Skt.; Pāli, sacca). General term meaning ‘truth’. On the Madhyamaka notion of the ‘Two Truths’ (satya-dvaya), see paramārtha-satya; saṃvṛti-satya. See also four noble truths.

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Singhal Mukesh, Kapoor Akhil, Bagri Puneet, Singh Daleep, Narayan Satya, Nirban Raj, Singh Guman, Maharia Sitaram, Jakhar Shankar, Beniwal Surender, Kumari Pramila, Sharma Neeti, Kumar Harvindra, Sharma Ajay and Bardia Megh.

in Annals of Oncology

June 2014; p ublished online June 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Medical Oncology. 344 words.

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The role of docosahexaenoic acid in mediating mitochondrial membrane lipid oxidation and apoptosis in colonocytes

Yeevoon Ng, Rola Barhoumi, Ronald B. Tjalkens, Yang-Yi Fan, Satya Kolar, Naisyin Wang, Joanne R. Lupton and Robert S. Chapkin.

in Carcinogenesis

November 2005; p ublished online June 2005 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics. 6169 words.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, 22:6 n-3) from fish oil, and butyrate, a fiber fermentation product, work coordinately to protect against colon tumorigenesis in part by inducing apoptosis. We...

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Enterohepatic recirculation of bioactive ginger phytochemicals is associated with enhanced tumor growth-inhibitory activity of ginger extract

Sushma R. Gundala, Rao Mukkavilli, Chunhua Yang, Pooja Yadav, Vibha Tandon, Subrahmanyam Vangala, Satya Prakash and Ritu Aneja.

in Carcinogenesis

June 2014; p ublished online January 2014 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics. 7467 words.

Phytochemical complexity of plant foods confers health-promoting benefits including chemopreventive and anticancer effects. Isolating single constituents from complex foods may render them...

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Polyphenol-rich sweet potato greens extract inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in prostate cancer cells <i>in vitro</i> and <i>in vivo</i>

Prasanthi Karna, Sushma R. Gundala, Meenakshi V. Gupta, Shahab A. Shamsi, Ralphenia D. Pace, Clayton Yates, Satya Narayan and Ritu Aneja.

in Carcinogenesis

December 2011; p ublished online September 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics. 6324 words.

Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) leaves or greens, extensively consumed as a vegetable in Africa and Asia, are an excellent source of dietary polyphenols such as anthocyanins and phenolic...

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Metformin inhibits pancreatic cancer cell and tumor growth and downregulates Sp transcription factors

Vijayalekshmi Nair, Satya Pathi, Indira Jutooru, Sandeep Sreevalsan, Riyaz Basha, Maen Abdelrahim, Ismael Samudio and Stephen Safe.

in Carcinogenesis

December 2013; p ublished online June 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Clinical Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics. 5293 words.

Metformin is a widely used antidiabetic drug, and epidemiology studies for pancreatic and other cancers indicate that metformin exhibits both chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic...

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Microencapsulation to reduce mechanical loss of microspheres: implications in myocardial cell therapy

Adil H. Al Kindi, Juan Francisco Asenjo, Yin Ge, Guang Yong Chen, Jasmine Bhathena, Ray C.-J. Chiu, Satya Prakash and Dominique Shum-Tim.

in European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

February 2011; p ublished online February 2011 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine; Cardiothoracic Surgery. 5201 words.


Objective: Previous regenerative studies have demonstrated massive cell losses after intramyocardial cellular delivery. Therefore,...

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Overproduction of β-glucosidase in active form by an <i>Escherichia coli</i> system coexpressing the chaperonin GroEL/ES

Sachiko Machida, Yong Yu, Satya P Singh, Jong-Deog Kim, Kiyoshi Hayashi and Yasushi Kawata.

in FEMS Microbiology Letters

February 1998; p ublished online January 2006 .

Journal Article. 2493 words.


β-Glucosidase from Cellvibrio gilvus was successfully overproduced in soluble form in Escherichia coli with the coexpression of GroEL/ES. Without...

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Transcriptional activation of TFEB/ZKSCAN3 target genes underlies enhanced autophagy in spinobulbar muscular atrophy

Jason P. Chua, Satya L. Reddy, Diane E. Merry, Hiroaki Adachi, Masahisa Katsuno, Gen Sobue, Diane M. Robins and Andrew P. Lieberman.

in Human Molecular Genetics

March 2014; p ublished online October 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Genetics and Genomics. 6020 words.

Spinobulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA) is an inherited neuromuscular disorder caused by the expansion of a CAG repeat encoding a polyglutamine tract in exon 1 of the androgen receptor (AR)...

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The blood-brain barrier is disrupted in a mouse model of infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis: amelioration by resveratrol

Arjun Saha, Chinmoy Sarkar, Satya P. Singh, Zhongjian Zhang, Jeeva Munasinghe, Shiyong Peng, Goutam Chandra, Eryan Kong and Anil B. Mukherjee.

in Human Molecular Genetics

May 2012; p ublished online February 2012 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Genetics and Genomics. 5976 words.

Disruption of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a serious complication frequently encountered in neurodegenerative disorders. Infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (INCL) is a devastating...

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Role of Gα(olf) in familial and sporadic adult-onset primary dystonia

Satya R. Vemula, Andreas Puschmann, Jianfeng Xiao, Yu Zhao, Monika Rudzińska, Karen P. Frei, Daniel D. Truong, Zbigniew K. Wszolek and Mark S. LeDoux.

in Human Molecular Genetics

June 2013; p ublished online February 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Genetics and Genomics. 4847 words.

The vast majority of patients with primary dystonia are adults with focal or segmental distribution of involuntary movements. Although ∼10% of probands have at least one first- or...

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