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Overview page. Subjects: Bibliography.

Writing in general is the practice of creating text by virtue of the formation of words: hence the text so produced, in whatever form it may take. ‘Writing’ may denote ...

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Healthy lifestyle interventions to combat noncommunicable disease—a novel nonhierarchical connectivity model for key stakeholders: a policy statement from the American Heart Association, European Society of Cardiology, European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, and American College of Preventive Medicine

Ross Arena, Marco Guazzi, Liana Lianov, Laurie Whitsel, Kathy Berra, Carl J. Lavie, Leonard Kaminsky, Mark Williams, Marie-France Hivert, Nina Cherie Franklin, Jonathan Myers, Donald Dengel, Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, Fausto J. Pinto, Francesco Cosentino, Martin Halle, Stephan Gielen, Paul Dendale, Josef Niebauer, Antonio Pelliccia, Pantaleo Giannuzzi, Ugo Corra, Massimo F. Piepoli, George Guthrie, Dexter Shurney, Ross Arena, Kathy Berra, Donald Dengel, Nina Cherie Franklin, Marie-France Hivert, Leonard Kaminsky, Carl J. Lavie, Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, Jonathan Myers, Laurie Whitsel, Mark Williams, Ugo Corra, Francesco Cosentino, Paul Dendale, Pantaleo Giannuzzi, Stephan Gielen, Marco Guazzi, Martin Halle, Josef Niebauer, Antonio Pelliccia, Massimo F. Piepoli, Fausto J. Pinto, George Guthrie, Liana Lianov and Dexter Shurney.

in European Heart Journal

August 2015; p ublished online July 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine. 13095 words.

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) have become the primary health concern for most countries around the world. Currently, more than 36 million people worldwide die from NCDs each year,...

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A Population-based Case-Control Study of Stillbirth: The Relationship of Significant Life Events to the Racial Disparity for African Americans

Carol J. R. Hogue, Corette B. Parker, Marian Willinger, Jeff R. Temple, Carla M. Bann, Robert M. Silver, Donald J. Dudley, Matthew A. Koch, Donald R. Coustan, Barbara J. Stoll, Uma M. Reddy, Michael W. Varner, George R. Saade, Deborah Conway and Robert L. Goldenberg.

in American Journal of Epidemiology

April 2013; p ublished online March 2013 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Public Health and Epidemiology. 6616 words.

Stillbirths (fetal deaths occurring at ≥20 weeks' gestation) are approximately equal in number to infant deaths in the United States and are twice as likely among non-Hispanic black births...

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Circadian Arterial Blood Pressure Variation and Glaucoma Progression: More Questions Than Answers?

Hari Jayaram, Luis Abegão Pinto, Verena Prokosch, Juliane Matlach, Katarzyna Skonieczna, Karl Mercieca, Maurizio Digiuni, Mehmet C. Mocan, Sergio Mahave, Sabina Andersson and David F. Garway-Heath.

in American Journal of Hypertension

September 2015; p ublished online June 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine; Biological Sciences. 767 words.

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Prediction of response to imatinib by prospective quantitation of BCR-ABL transcript in late chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia patients

G. Martinelli, I. Iacobucci, G. Rosti, F. Pane, M. Amabile, F. Castagnetti, D. Cilloni, S. Soverini, N. Testoni, G. Specchia, S. Merante, A. Zaccaria, F. Frassoni, G. Saglio and M. Baccarani.

in Annals of Oncology

March 2006; p ublished online January 2006 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Medical Oncology. 6465 words.

Imatinib mesylate (STI571), a specific Bcr-Abl inhibitor, has shown a potent antileukemic activity in clinical studies of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) patients. Early prediction of...

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Bone sarcomas: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up

P. C. W. Hogendoorn, N. Athanasou, S. Bielack, E. De Alava, A. P. Dei Tos, S. Ferrari, H. Gelderblom, R. Grimer, K. Sundby Hall, B. Hassan, P. C. W. Hogendoorn, H. Jurgens, M. Paulussen, L. Rozeman, A.H.M. Taminiau, J. Whelan and D. Vanel.

in Annals of Oncology

May 2010; p ublished online May 2010 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Medical Oncology. 6878 words.

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Clinical recommendations for cardiopulmonary exercise testing data assessment in specific patient populations

Marco Guazzi, Volker Adams, Viviane Conraads, Martin Halle, Alessandro Mezzani, Luc Vanhees, Ross Arena, Gerald F. Fletcher, Daniel E. Forman, Dalane W. Kitzman, Carl J. Lavie and Jonathan Myers.

in European Heart Journal

December 2012; p ublished online September 2012 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine. 11174 words.

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Our time: a call to save preventable death from cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke)

Sidney C. Smith, Amy Collins, Roberto Ferrari, David R. Holmes, Susanne Logstrup, Diana Vaca McGhie, Johanna Ralston, Ralph L. Sacco, Hans Stam, Kathryn Taubert, David A. Wood and William A. Zoghbi.

in European Heart Journal

December 2012; p ublished online September 2012 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine. 3448 words.

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Meeting Report

Joost Daemen, Maarten L. Simoons, William Wijns, Adrian Bagust, Gert Bos, James M. Bowen, Eugene Braunwald, Edoardo Camenzind, Bernard Chevalier, Carlo DiMario, Jean Fajadet, Anselm Gitt, Giulio Guagliumi, Hans L. Hillege, Stefan James, Peter Jüni, Adnan Kastrati, Sabine Kloth, Steen D. Kristensen, Mitchell Krucoff, Victor Legrand, Matthias Pfisterer, Martin Rothman, Patrick W. Serruys, Sigmund Silber, Philippe G. Steg, Ibrahim Tariah, Lars Wallentin, Stephan W. Windecker, A. Aimonetti, D. Allocco, A. Baczynska, A. Bagust, M. Berenger, G. Bos, A. Boam, J.M. Bowen, E. Braunwald, J.P. Calle, E. Camenzind, G. Campo, S. Carlier, B. Chevalier, J. Daemen, J. de Schepper, G. Di Bisceglie, C. DiMario, H. Dobbels, J. Fajadet, A. Farb, J.C. Ghislain, A. Gitt, G. Guagliumi, S. Hellbardt, H.L. Hillege, R. ten Hoedt, C. Isaia, S. James, P. de Jong, P. Jüni, A. Kastrati, E. Klasen, S. Kloth, S.D. Kristensen, M. Krucoff, V. Legrand, M. Lekehal, L. LeNarz, F. Ni Mhullain, H. Nagai, A. Patteet, D. Paunovic, M. Pfisterer, A. Potgieter, I. Purdy, C. Raveau-Landon, M. Rothman, P.W. Serruys, S. Silber, M.L. Simoons, P.G. Steg, I. Tariah, S. Ternstrom, J. Van Wuytswinkel, M. Waliszewski, L. Wallentin, W. Wijns and S.W. Windecker.

in European Heart Journal

January 2009; p ublished online November 2008 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Cardiovascular Medicine. 6564 words.

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ACC/AATS/AHA/ASE/EACTS/HVS/SCA/SCAI/SCCT/SCMR/STS 2017 Appropriate use criteria for the treatment of patients with severe aortic stenosis

Robert O Bonow, Alan S Brown, Linda D Gillam, Samir R Kapadia, Clifford J Kavinsky, Brian R Lindman, Michael J Mack, Vinod H Thourani, Gregory J Dehmer, Robert O Bonow, Brian R Lindman, Thomas M Beaver, Steven M Bradley, Blase A Carabello, Milind Y Desai, Isaac George, Philip Green, David R Holmes, Douglas Johnston, Jonathon Leipsic, Stephanie L Mick, Jonathan J Passeri, Robert N Piana, Nathaniel Reichek, Carlos E Ruiz, Cynthia C Taub, James D Thomas, Zoltan G Turi, John U Doherty, Gregory J Dehmer, Steven R Bailey, Nicole M Bhave, Alan S Brown, Stacie L Daugherty, Larry S Dean, Milind Y Desai, Claire S Duvernoy, Linda D Gillam, Robert C Hendel, Christopher M Kramer, Bruce D Lindsay, Warren J Manning, Praveen Mehrotra, Manesh R Patel, Ritu Sachdeva, L Samuel Wann, David E Winchester and Joseph M Allen.

in European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

February 2018; p ublished online January 2018 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Medicine and Health; Clinical Medicine; Cardiovascular Medicine; Cardiothoracic Surgery. 14147 words.


The American College of Cardiology collaborated with the American Association for Thoracic Surgery, American Heart Association, American Society of...

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Adolescents’ medicine use for headache: secular trends in 20 countries from 1986 to 2010

Bjørn E. Holstein, Anette Andersen, Anastasios Fotiou, Inese Gobina, Emmanuelle Godeau, Ebba Holme Hansen, Ron Iannotti, Kate Levin, Saoirse Nic Gabhainn, Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer and Raili Välimaa.

in European Journal of Public Health

April 2015; p ublished online March 2015 .

Journal Article. Subjects: Public Health and Epidemiology; Economics of Health; Health, Illness, and Medicine. 2402 words.

Background: This study reports secular trends in medicine use for headache among adolescents in 20 countries from 1986 to 2010. Methods: The international Health Behaviour in...

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