Abasi Throws an Ax into a Latrine

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The Efik, who originally lived with other Ibibio groups at Idua, a town near the Oron area, migrated during the first half of the seventeenth century because of a quarrel concerning an ax borrowed from an Ibibio woman by an Efik woman named Abasi.

While chopping firewood, Abasi, a legendary woman, broke the ax and, instead of returning it to the owner, left it on the ground. When the Ibibio woman found the broken ax, she told Abasi to repair it. Instead, Abasi deposited the ax into a latrine. The Ibibio woman's husband therefore determined to fight the Efik, but Abasi's husband insisted that the case should be taken to court. During the trial, Abasi cursed the Ibibio people, and they therefore determined to punish her. The Efik began to fight with the Ibibio, and were ousted from the area. Some of the Efik paddled up the Cross River and settled in the Enyong area, where they became known as the Enyong. Other groups paddled down the Cross River and founded Creek Town.

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