Abua Moves to Earth on a Rope

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The first man to settle on the earth was Abua. Egule, his wife, is the mother of people.

Abua and Egule, sent by the supreme god, Ake, descended from heaven on a rope. They were the first humans on earth, but animals were already present. Abua's first child was Agana, the first human to emerge from the ground. Because he was the first, he is worshiped as a god. Abua and Egule also bore Otaba, Amogan, and Akpede. Otaba, fond of fish, settled near the water and founded four communities. Amogan, a hunter, lived in the countryside; he established nine communities. Akpede, a doctor, settled near trees that provided the materials for his medicines. His children built the town that bears his name and seven other towns.

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