activation hormone

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activation hormone

Growth hormone and proinflammatory cytokine activation in heart failure Just a new verse to an old sirens’ song?

Strigolactones activate different hormonal pathways for regulation of root development in response to phosphate growth conditions

More hormones spilt in heart failure: linking renal sympathetic activation to clinical outcome

A novel ERF transcription activator in wheat and its induction kinetics after pathogen and hormone treatments

False low parathyroid hormone values secondary to sample contamination with the tissue plasminogen activator


544 Cardiac natriuretic hormones are related to neuro-hormones and stress-activated cytokines in patients with heart failure

Neuro-hormonal activation predicts ventilatory response to exercise and functional capacity in patients with heart failure

Expression of CDR1, a multidrug resistance gene of Candida albicans: transcriptional activation by heat shock, drugs and human steroid hormones

Thyroid hormone stimulates NO production via activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway in vascular myocytes

Neural Activation During Mental Rotation in Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome: The Influence of Sex Hormones and Sex Chromosomes

The decidualizing effect of progesterone may involve direct transcriptional activation of corticotrophin-releasing hormone from human endometrial stromal cells

Corticotrophin-releasing hormone and platelet-activating factor induce transcription of the type-2 cyclo-oxygenase gene in human fetal membranes

The human growth hormone locus control region mediates long-distance transcriptional activation independent of nuclear matrix attachment regions

Ioxynil and Tetrabromobisphenol A Suppress Thyroid-Hormone-Induced Activation of Transcriptional Elongation Mediated by Histone Modifications and RNA Polymerase II Phosphorylation

85 Transcriptional regulation of cardiac fatty acid metabolism: redundancy of the ligand-activated nuclear hormone receptors PPARa and PPARb/d

Corticotrophin-releasing hormone and corticosterone impair development of preimplantation embryos by inducing oviductal cell apoptosis via activating the Fas system: an in vitro study

A Possible Novel Mechanism of Action of Genistein and Daidzein for Activating Thyroid Hormone Receptor-Mediated Transcription


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A polypeptide hormone synthesized in the neurosecretory brain cells of insects. It regulates the functioning of the whole endocrine system, stimulating the secretory activity of other glands.

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