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Activity/sportStaminaSupplenessStrengthWeight-controlInjury risk

aerobic dance good excellent fair good low

aerobics good good fair good low

American football fair poor good fair very high

aquarobics good good good poor very low

archery poor fair good poor very low

badminton good good fair good moderate

baseball and softball fair fair fair fair moderate

basketball excellent poor fair good high

body building poor good excellent good moderate

bowling poor poor poor poor very low

boxercise good fair good good low

boxing fair fair good good very high

bungee jumping poor poor poor poor high

calisthenics good good good good low

canoeing and kayaking good fair good fair moderate

circuit training good good good good moderate

climbing good good good fair high

cricket poor fair poor poor moderate

cross-country skiing excellent poor fair excellent low

cycling (hard) excellent poor fair good low

dance fair fair poor fair very low

fencing fair fair fair fair moderate

golf fair fair poor fair moderate

gymnastics fair excellent excellent good high

hockey good fair fair fair moderate

horse-riding poor fair fair poor moderate

ice hockey good fair fair good very high

jogging excellent poor fair good high on roads

martial arts poor good good fair high

medau good good poor good low

netball good fair poor fair low

orienteering excellent fair fair good low

rope jumping good good poor good low

rowing excellent fair good good low

rugby good fair good fair very high

SCUBA diving fair fair fair poor high

skiing, downhill poor poor fair poor high

slide training good fair low good moderate

soccer good fair fair good moderate

squash good good fair fair high

step aerobics good good poor good moderate

swimming excellent excellent excellent fair low

tai chi poor excellent fair poor very low

tennis good fair fair fair moderate

volleyball fair fair fair fair moderate

walking (brisk) excellent fair poor excellent low

weight training poor fair excellent fair moderate

yoga fair excellent fair fair very low

The benefits acquired from each activity will depend on the skill and intensity of performance.

From Food and Fitness: A Dictionary of Diet and Exercise in Oxford Reference.

Subjects: Medicine and Health.

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