William Adams

(1814—1848) Church of England clergyman and author

'William Adams' can also refer to...

Sir William Adams (1783—1827) oculist

William Adams (1564—1620) navigator

William Adams (1706—1789) Church of England clergyman and college head

William Adams (1746—1805) potter

William Adams (1772—1851) lawyer and diplomatist

William Adams (1823—1904) engineer

William Adams (1820—1900) surgeon

William Adams Brown (1865—1943)

William Adams Nicholson (1803—1853) architect

William Bridges Adams (1797—1872) railway engineer

William Bridges-Adams (1889—1965) theatre producer

William Davenport Adams (1851—1904) journalist and compiler of reference works

William Edwin Adams (1832—1906) radical and journalist

William George Stewart Adams (1874—1966) political scientist and college head

William Grylls Adams (1836—1915) scientist and university teacher

William Henry Davenport Adams (1828—1891) journalist and author

William Taylor Adams (1822—1897)


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