adenylate kinase

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adenylate kinase

adenylate kinase

adenylate kinase system

Recombinant Sea Urchin Flagellar Adenylate Kinase

Mechanism of Mitochondrial Import of Adenylate Kinase Isozymes

The flagellar adenylate kinases of Trypanosoma cruzi

Water content, adenylate kinase, and mitochondria drive adenylate balance in dehydrating and imbibing seeds

Metal chelating properties of adenylate kinase from Paracoccus denitrificans.

Thermostability promotes the cooperative function of split adenylate kinases

Exchange of Nucleoside Monophosphate-Binding Domains in Adenylate Kinase and UMP/CMP Kinase

Cloning and Expression of Human Adenylate Kinase 2 Isozymes: Differential Expression of Adenylate Kinase1 and 2 in Human Muscle Tissues

Glufosinate‐tolerant Tobacco Plants Directed by the Promoter of Adenylate Kinase Gene of Rice

High-energy phosphotransfer in the failing mouse heart: role of adenylate kinase and glycolytic enzymes

The mouse guanylate kinase double mutant E72Q/D103N is a functional adenylate kinase

An adaptive mutation in adenylate kinase that increases organismal fitness is linked to stability–activity trade-offs

Neuropathogenic role of adenylate kinase-1 in Aβ-mediated tau phosphorylation via AMPK and GSK3β

Transcription initiation in vivo without classical transactivators: DNA kinks flanking the core promoter of the housekeeping yeast adenylate kinase gene, AKY2, position nucleosomes and constitutively activate transcription

Homozygous missense mutation L673P in adenylate kinase 7 (AK7) leads to primary male infertility and multiple morphological anomalies of the flagella but not to primary ciliary dyskinesia

The Steady-State Kinetics of the Enzyme Reaction Tested by Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Hydrophobic Residues (Val, Leu, and Cys) in the C-Terminal α-Helix of Human Adenylate Kinase


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abbr.(in clinical biochemistry): AK; EC; systematic name: ATP:AMP phosphotransferase; other name: myokinase. An enzyme that catalyses the reaction:


Subjects: Sports and Exercise Medicine.

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