Adro Creates Nonhuman Twins

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(Lugbara/DRCongo, Sudan, Uganda)

Adro, the creator, long ago created the world and men. He is the ultimate source of all power and of the moral order. The divinity is conceived of in two aspects: he is Adro (God on earth, immanent), close to mankind, and Adroa or Adronga (God in the sky, transcendent), remote from mankind. Adro made the world; and the hero-ancestors and their descendants, the ancestors, formed Lugbara society, in the shape that it has had until now and that it should continue to have in the future. God's power may be manifested in many ways, in natural phenomena such as lightning and in the form of spirits that are given shrines by humans. He is the fountainhead of all power and authority, of all sanctions for orderly relations between humans. There is a divine spark within every human being, a sign of his divine creation. The soul is weak at birth and increases its strength with age. After death, it becomes an ancestral spirit, an ancestor whose identity is remembered. After death, the spirit of the deceased person returns to live under the ground or on the roof of his home.

In the beginning, the creator Adroa made the first man and woman. They produced another pair of male-female offspring, who did the same in turn. These first couples were essentially nonhuman beings. They acted through magical means and performed marvelous deeds. See also: Gborogboro and Meme, Jaki and Dribidu.

Subjects: Religion.

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