affinity maturation

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affinity maturation

Antibody affinity maturation using bacterial surface display.

Bacterial display enables efficient and quantitative peptide affinity maturation

Antibody affinity maturation in vitro using unconjugated peptide antigen

Affinity maturation of secreted IgM pentamers on B cells

Affinity maturation of a CDR3-grafted VHH using in silico analysis and surface plasmon resonance

Affinity maturation of a Taq DNA polymerase specific affibody by helix shuffling

Computational analysis of off-rate selection experiments to optimize affinity maturation by directed evolution

Affinity maturation of human botulinum neurotoxin antibodies by light chain shuffling via yeast mating

Antibody affinity maturation using yeast display with detergent-solubilized membrane proteins as antigen sources

An integrated approach to extreme thermostabilization and affinity maturation of an antibody

In vitro affinity maturation and characterization of anti-P24 antibody for HIV diagnostic assay

Improved antibody-based ricin neutralization by affinity maturation is correlated with slower off-rate values

Sexual maturation in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) is related to genotypic oxygen affinity: experimental support for Pauly’s juvenile-to-adult transition hypothesis

Ig L-chain Shuffling for Affinity Maturation of Phage Library-derived Human Anti-human MCP-1 Antibody Blocking its Chemotactic Activity

In vitro DNA recombination by L-Shuffling during ribosome display affinity maturation of an anti-Fas antibody increases the population of improved variants

Investigating affinity-maturation strategies and reproducibility of fluorescence-activated cell sorting using a recombinant ADAPT library displayed on staphylococci

Why are there so few key mutant clones? The influence of stochastic selection and blocking on affinity maturation in the germinal center

Is structural flexibility of antigen-binding loops involved in the affinity maturation of anti-DNA antibodies?


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The process that occurs in the immune system after the first exposure to an antigen. There is selective differentiation of clones of cells that produce antibody of high affinity and memory lymphocytes that will produce high-affinity antibody upon re-exposure to the antigen.

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