Agis II

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Spartan king of the Eurypontid house (the first to be given a name belonging naturally to the Agiads) from c.427 to 400 bc; he was son of Archidamus II. He achieved widespread prominence in 418, as nominal victor of the battle of Mantinea, a success that both stilled powerful domestic criticism of his leadership and restored Sparta's authority in the Peloponnese and outside. In 413, perhaps glad to escape scandal on his own doorstep, he was appointed general commanding the Peloponnesian forces in central Greece, and permanently occupied a fortified base within Athens' borders at Decelea. The centre of the Peloponnesian War, however, shifted to Asia, and Agis' role in the eventual reduction of Athens by siege in 404 was subsidiary to that of Lysander. His death (400) occasioned the succession dispute that brought Agesilaus to the throne.

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