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Modern Japanese Buddhist sect founded by Seiyū Kiriyama, who claims that the Bodhisattva Kannon (Skt., Avalokiteśvara) appeared to him in 1970 and taught him new techniques to overcome the effects of negative karma manifesting in the present life. According to Agonshū teachings, many of the misfortunes experiences in daily life are attributable to the actions of evil spirits, and the karmic ties to the malevolent spirits (normally spirits of the dead) must be cut if the misfortunes are to cease. To this end, followers engage in ascetic practices such as mass rites of purification, as well as chanting, meditation, and the worship of Kannon, with the aim of cutting off the evil karma (Jap., karuma). The name of the sect derives from the Sanskrit word Āgama.being the body of canonical literature containing the Buddha's teachings.

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