Ailill Aulomm

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[Ir., Ailill bare-ear].

The father of Eógan (3) and foster-father of Lugaid mac Con, fratricidal foster-brothers in a dynastic dispute. T. F. O'Rahilly (1946) believed that the widely known story of Ailill's having ravished the fairy goddess Áine (1) and being slain by her was invented by later storytellers to explain his epithet. His story was probably the model for Maurice's impregnation of Áine (1), begetting Gerald, Earl of Desmond. He was also the father of Díchorb, Aífe (2), and Cian (3), and brother of Lugaid Lága. Not to be confused with Ailill Áine. See also ECHDAE [Ir. horse-god (?)], another husband of Áine (1).

Subjects: Religion.

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