Akoma Mba and the Man Who Transformed into a Woman

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(Fang/Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon)

The epic hero, Akoma Mba, was carried by his mother for one hundred fifty years, after which he was miraculously born. Because he became a danger to his family, he was given into the care of Mba, a man who married his mother. Mba called his son Wrinkle of Elephant, son of Mba, but his unpredictable behavior did not improve, and so he became known as Akoma Mba, Creator of Mba, the suggestion being that he had created his own father. He became a well-known warrior, evolving into the ruler of the immortal Ekang people.

One Abo Mama, embroiled in an antagonistic relationship with Otungu Mba, a local leader, exiled him to the forest. At the same time, twins were born on the day they were conceived, and they set out to avenge Otungu Mba. One of them, Mengana Mba, first traversed the world on a quest for something to which nothing could be compared. In the process, he was transformed into a woman. When Akoma Mba learned this, he warred against the king of that land, encasing the followers of that king in a rock, which he then took home with him. Those became Akoma Mba's subjects. Then Akoma Mba went to war against Abo Mama, defeating him. See also: Zong Midzi.

Subjects: Religion.

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