John Alexander

(1686—1743) minister of the Presbyterian General Synod of Ulster

'John Alexander' can also refer to...

John Alexander (1923—1990)

John Alexander (1736—1765) Presbyterian minister and writer

Alexander, John (1923)

ALEXANDER, John - Painter

John White Alexander (1856—1915)

Sir Alexander John Arbuthnot (1822—1907) administrator in India

Sir Alexander John Ball (1756—1809) naval officer and politician in Malta

John Alexander Blackie (1850—1918) printer and publisher

John Alexander Schetky (1785—1824) watercolour painter

John Alexander Smith (1863—1939) philosopher and classical scholar

Alexander John Scott (1805—1866) theological dissident and educationist

Alexander John Scott (1768—1840) naval chaplain

John Alexander Sinton (1884—1956) soldier and malariologist

Sir John Alexander Sinclair (1897—1977) army and intelligence officer

Alexander John Mackenzie Stuart (1924—2000) lawyer and judge

John Alexander Stewart (1846—1933) philosopher

John Alexander Cameron (1868—1885) journalist

Sir John Alexander Ferguson (1881—1969)

John Alexander Dewar (1856—1929) whisky blender and philanthropist

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