(c. 1148—1160) bishop of Worcester

'Alfred' can also refer to...

A. F. (Alfred Forbes) Johnson (1884—1972)

Admiral Sir Victor Alfred Trumper Smith (1913—1998)

Adolf Alfred Tanquerey (1854—1932)

Alexander Alfred Walker (1930—2003) film critic and biographer

Alexander Augustus Frederick William Alfred George Cambridge (1874—1957) army officer and governor-general of South Africa



Alfred A. Knopf (1892—1984)

Alfred, a Masque

Alfred Aaron Wolmark (1877—1961) painter and decorative artist

Alfred Adler (1870—1937) Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist

Alfred Ainger (1837—1904) writer and Church of England clergyman

Alfred Alexander Woodhull (1837—1921)

Alfred Ambrose Chew Leete (1882—1933) graphic artist

Alfred Andersch (1914—1980)

Alfred Anderson (1896—2005) joiner and soldier

Alfred Atmore Pope (1842—1913)

Alfred August Junge (1886—1964) film production designer

Alfred Austell Cunningham (1882—1939)

Alfred Austin (1835—1913) poet

Alfred B Churchill (1825—1870) journalist and publisher

Alfred B. Mullett (1834—1890)

Alfred Baldwin (1841—1908) industrialist and politician

Alfred Barratt (1844—1881) philosopher

Alfred Barry (1826—1910) Anglican bishop of Sydney and educationist

Alfred Bartholomew (1801—1845) architect

Alfred Barton Rendle (1865—1938) botanist

Alfred Bass (1916—1987) actor

Alfred Bate Richards (1820—1876) writer and promoter of the volunteers


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