(c. 1171—1246) magnate

'Alice' can also refer to...


Alice Adams (1926—1999)

Alice Adams

Alice Ann Cornwell (1852—1932) goldmining industrialist and newspaper proprietor

Alice Ann Wheeldon (1866—1919) revolutionary socialist and anti-war campaigner

Alice Annie Kenny (1875—1960)

Alice Askew (d. 1917)

Alice Augusta Woods (1849—1941) educationist and college head

Alice Austen (1866—1952)

Alice Aycock (b. 1946)

Alice Ayres (1859—1885) domestic servant and heroine

Alice B. Kasakoff

Alice B. Toklas (1877—1967)

Alice B. Woodward (1862—1951)

Alice Babs (b. 1924)

Alice Bach

Alice Barnham (1523—1604) silkwoman and benefactor

Alice Bertha Gomme (1853—1938) folklorist

Alice Brady (1892—1939)

Alice Brook Jenkins (1886—1967) abortion campaigner

Alice Brown (1857—1948)

Alice C. Harris

Alice Caldwell Rice (1870—1942)

Alice Cambridge (1762—1829) preacher

Alice Cary (1820—1871)

Alice Chaucer (c. 1404—1475) noblewoman

Alice Chestre (c. 1415—1485) trader and benefactor

Alice Childress (1920—1994)

Alice Clark (1874—1934) campaigner for women's rights


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