John Allen

(c. 1789—1829) bookseller and antiquary

'John Allen' can also refer to...

James John Allen (1926—1999) playwright and scriptwriter

John Allen (1771—1843) political and historical writer

John Allen (1771—1839) religious writer

John Allen (c. 1596—1671) minister in America

John Allen (c. 1754—1785) Particular Baptist minister and writer

John Allen (c. 1660—1741) physician

John Allen (1785—1855) Irish nationalist and army officer

John Allen FitzGerald Gregg (1873—1961)

John Allen Giles (1808—1884) translator and literary editor

John Frank Allen (1908—2001) physicist

John Romilly Allen (1847—1907) archaeologist

John S. Allen

John Willoughby Tarleton Allen (1904—1979) colonial educationist and Swahili scholar

Sir John Allen (c. 1470—1544) mayor of London

Sir John Allen Clark (1926—2001) industrialist


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