amino-acid oxidase

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amino‐acid oxidase

Fructosyl-amino acid oxidases of Aspergillus oryzae are induced by the reaction product, glucosone

The role of a conserved histidine residue, His324, in Trigonopsis variabilis d-amino acid oxidase

Comparison of the Apoptotic Pathways Induced by L-Amino Acid Oxidase and Hydrogen Peroxide

L-amino acid oxidase from Naja atra venom activates and binds to human platelets

Cytochrome c Oxidase Assembly in Primates is Sensitive to Small Evolutionary Variations in Amino Acid Sequence

Modulating d-amino acid oxidase substrate specificity: production of an enzyme for analytical determination of all d-amino acids by directed evolution

Differences in evolutionary rates among amino acid classes in the mitochondrial genes cytochrome oxidase I and cytochrome oxidase II in Drosophila.

Activation of a peroxisomal Pichia pastoris d-amino acid oxidase, which uses d-alanine as a preferred substrate, depends on pyruvate carboxylase

Substitution of the critical methionine residues in Trigonopsis variabilis D-amino acid oxidase with leucine enhances its resistance to hydrogen peroxide

Re-Evaluation of M-LAO, L-Amino Acid Oxidase, from the Venom of Gloydius blomhoffi as an Anticoagulant Protein

On the Ligands in Charge-Transfer Complexes of Porcine Kidney Flavoenzyme D-Amino Acid Oxidase in Three Redox States: A Resonance Raman Study

Potential Role for Astroglial d-Amino Acid Oxidase in Extracellular d-Serine Metabolism and Cytotoxicity

Engineering the Substrate Specificity of Porcine Kidney d-Amino Acid Oxidase by Mutagenesis of the “Active-Site Lid”

Inhibition of aconitase by nitric oxide leads to induction of the alternative oxidase and to a shift of metabolism towards biosynthesis of amino acids

Crystallization of Expressed Porcine Kidney D-Amino Acid Oxidase and Preliminary X-Ray Crystallographic Characterization

Potential cytotoxic effect of hydroxypyruvate produced from d-serine by astroglial d-amino acid oxidase

Identification of two promoters for human d-amino acid oxidase gene: implication for the differential promoter regulation mediated by PAX5/PAX2

Substitutions of Charged Amino Acid Residues Conserved in Subunit I Perturb the Redox Metal Centers of the Escherichia coli bo -Type Ubiquinol Oxidase


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Any enzyme that catalyses the oxidation by dioxygen of the amino group of an α‐amino acid to an oxo acid with release of ammonium and hydrogen peroxide. l‐Amino‐acid oxidase, EC ...

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