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Aminoacylation of tRNA by antisense molecule

Minihelix-loop RNAs: minimal structures for aminoacylation catalysts

Conservation of a tRNA core for aminoacylation

Identity elements and aminoacylation of plant tRNATrp

Decreased aminoacylation of mutant tRNAs in MELAS but not in MERRF patients

Role of tRNA amino acid-accepting end in aminoacylation and its quality control

Species-specific differences in the operational RNA code for aminoacylation of tRNATrp

Solvation change and ion release during aminoacylation by aminoacyl‐tRNA synthetases

Intermolecular transfer of aminoacylated adenosine towards chemical aminoacylation of tRNA

Mechanism of chiral-selective tRNA aminoacylation and the origin of amino acid homochirality

Non-enzymatic aminoacylation of an RNA minihelix with an aminoacyl phosphate oligonucleotide

Use of EF-Tu mutants for determining and improving aminoacylation efficiency and for purifying aminoacyl tRNAs with non-natural amino acids

Crucial role of the C-terminal domain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis leucyl-tRNA synthetase in aminoacylation and editing

Human mitochondrial disease-like symptoms caused by a reduced tRNA aminoacylation activity in flies

Leucine-specific domain modulates the aminoacylation and proofreading functional cycle of bacterial leucyl-tRNA synthetase

The Yin and Yang of tRNA: proper binding of acceptor end determines the catalytic balance of editing and aminoacylation

Tertiary structure base pairs between D‐ and TψC‐loops of Escherichia coli tRNALeu play important roles in both aminoacylation and editing

Identification of essential domains for Escherichia coli tRNAleu aminoacylation and amino acid editing using minimalist RNA molecules


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The addition of an aminoacyl group to a substrate. The formation of aminoacyl-tRNA is an ATP-dependent reaction involving amino acid-specific aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases.

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