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Experimental Constraints on Himalayan Anatexis

On the Initiation of Metamorphic Sulfide Anatexis

Experimental Constraints on Hercynian Anatexis in the Iberian Massif, Spain

Mafic Magma Intraplating: Anatexis and Hybridization in Arc Crust, Bindal Batholith, Norway

Metamorphism and Anatexis in the Mafic Complex Contact Aureole, Ivrea Zone, Northern Italy

Enhancing Maficity of Granitic Magma during Anatexis: Entrainment of Infertile Mafic Lithologies

Models of crustal anatexis in volcanic rifts: applications to southern Finland and the Oslo Graben, southeast Norway

The P–T History of Anatectic Pelites of the Northern East Humboldt Range, Nevada: Evidence for Tectonic Loading, Decompression, and Anatexis

Mechanisms of Crustal Anatexis: a Geochemical Study of Partially Melted Metapelitic Enclaves and Host Dacite, SE Spain

The Role of Water Retention in the Anatexis of Metapelites in the Bushveld Complex Aureole, South Africa: an Experimental Study

Temperature and Bulk Composition Control on the Growth of Monazite and Zircon During Low-pressure Anatexis (Mount Stafford, Central Australia)

Palaeozoic Intraplate Crustal Anatexis in the Mount Painter Province, South Australia: Timing, Thermal Budgets and the Role of Crustal Heat Production

Petrogenesis of the Anorthosite Dyke Swarm of Tromsø, North Norway: Experimental Evidence for Hydrous Anatexis of an Alkaline Mafic Complex

Processes and Conditions During Contact Anatexis, Melt Escape and Restite Formation: the Huntly Gabbro Complex, NE Scotland

The Loch Scridain Xenolithic Sill Complex, Isle of Mull, Scotland: Fractional Crystallization, Assimilation, Magma-Mixing and Crustal Anatexis in Subvolcanic Conduits

Formation of Diatexite Migmatite and Granite Magma during Anatexis of Semi-pelitic Metasedimentary Rocks: an Example from St. Malo, France

Anatexis during High-pressure Crustal Metamorphism: Evidence from Garnet–Whole-rock REE Relationships and Zircon–Rutile Ti–Zr Thermometry in Leucogranulites from the Bohemian Massif


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The partial or incomplete melting of a rock in response to an increase in temperature (at constant pressure), or a drop in pressure (at constant temperature). Melting takes place along grain boundaries, and the melt can either be extracted from the partially molten rock system, or can remain within the system. Typical examples of anatexis would be the generation of granitic melts (see granite) by partially melting aluminous crustal rocks, and the generation of basalts by partially melting mantle peridotite.

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