(c. 1114—1184) bishop of Caithness

'Andrew' can also refer to...

A. Q. (Andrew Queen) Morton (b. 1919)

Acts of St Andrew

Alexander Andrew Knox (1818—1891) journalist and police magistrate



Andrew (d. c. 60 ad) apostle and patron saint of Scotland

Andrew A Walker

Andrew Aberdein

Andrew Adonis

Andrew Ainslie Common (1841—1903) astronomer and astronomical photographer

Andrew Akiba Shonfield (1917—1981) political economist

Andrew Alexander Bonar (1810—1892) Free Church of Scotland minister

Andrew Allam (1655—1685) antiquary

Andrew Altman

Andrew Amos (1791—1860) jurist

Andrew Anderson (1798—1861) draughts player

Andrew Archibald Paton (1811—1874) diplomatist and author

Andrew Ashworth

Andrew Atkinson Humphreys (1810—1883)

Andrew Aubrey (c. 1311—1356) merchant and mayor of London

Andrew Avellino (1521—1608)

Andrew B. Lawson

Andrew B. Smith

Andrew Balfour (1873—1931) expert in tropical medicine and novelist

Andrew Ball (c. 1583—1653) naval officer

Andrew Barclay (1738—1823)

Andrew Barker

Andrew Barker (c. 1564—1577) merchant

Andrew Barton (c. 1470—1511) seaman and shipowner


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