(1637—1671) first wife of James II.

'Anne' can also refer to...

Alicia Anne Scott (1810—1900) poet

Anne (1665—1714) queen of Great Britain and Ireland

Anne (1709—1759) princess of Orange, consort of William IV.

Anne Adalisa Puddicombe (1836—1908) novelist

Anne Adaliza Evans (1836—1908)

Anne and Joachim

Anne Anderson (1874—1936)

Anne Askew (1521—1546) writer and protestant martyr

Anne Askew

Anne B. Hollowed

Anne Bäbi Jowäger

Anne Bacon (c. 1528—1605) gentlewoman and scholar

Anne Bancroft (1931—2005)

Anne Bannerman (1765—1829) poet

Anne Baxter (1923—1985)

Anne Bedingfeild (1560—1641) theatre landlord and benefactor

Anne Birgitta Pessi

Anne Blencowe (1656—1718) compiler of recipes

Anne Bloom

Anne Bogart (b. 1953)

Anne Boleyn (1507—1536) queen of England, second consort of Henry VIII.

Anne Bonny (1698—1782) pirate

Anne Boyd (b. 1946)

Anne Bracegirdle (c. 1673—1748) actress and singer

Anne Bradstreet (c. 1612—1672) poet

Anne Brennan (1898—1929)

Anne Brett (c. 1668—1753) courtier

Anne Briggs (b. 1944)

Anne Brigman (1869—1950)


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