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A widely distributed group of calcium-binding proteins that interact with acidic membrane phospholipids in membranes. The twelve mammalian annexin genes are classed as annexin-A 1–13 (ANXA12 is missing). Most have four conserved repeats of a 61-aa domain. The multiple names for the annexins reflect the history of their discovery: e.g. annexin A1 has variously been named annexin-1, lipocortin-I, calpactin-2, chromobindin-9, p35, and phospholipase A2 inhibitory protein. Other names for annexins include calelectrin, calphobindins, endonexins, protein I, placental anticoagulant protein IV, synexin (annexin-7), vascular anticoagulant (annexins 5 and 8).

http://www.structuralchemistry.org/annexins/home.php(Version8:15.12.04/) The annexin homepage.

Subjects: Chemistry.

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