Abu Madyan Shuayb ibn al-Husayn al- Ansari

(d. 1198)

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(d. 1198)

First influential Sufi teacher from North Africa. Born in Spain. Initiated into Sufism in Fez, Morocco. Established the distinctive Madyani Way, although few orders following it developed. Taught the founder of the Shadhili Sufi order. Most of the great Maghrebi Sufis of his lifetime and after acknowledged him as master. Many saints who performed miracles included him in their spiritual genealogies. His influence in religious matters led the ruling Almohads to summon him to court to defend his doctrines to their religious scholars, but he died en route. The mosque, school, public baths, and ancillary buildings built around his tomb are popular points of veneration and pilgrimage.

Subjects: Islam.

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