antigen-antibody response

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'antigen-antibody response' can also refer to...

antigen-antibody response n.

antigen–antibody response n.

Antibody response to Candida albicans cell wall antigens

Effect of in situ expression of human interleukin-6 on antibody responses against Salmonella typhimurium antigens

Antibody Responses to Bordetella pertussis Antigens and Clinical Correlations in Elderly Community Residents

Comprehensive analysis of antibody responses to streptococcal and tissue antigens in patients with acute rheumatic fever

Immunoglobulin GM and KM Allotypes and Antibody Responses to Epstein-Barr Virus Antigens

Delineation of Human Antibody Responses to Culture Filtrate Antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Kinetics of Antibody Responses to Plasmodium falciparum–Infected Erythrocyte Variant Surface Antigens

Plasmodium falciparum Antigenic Variation: Relationships between In Vivo Selection, Acquired Antibody Response, and Disease Severity

MF59 Adjuvant Enhances the Antibody Response to Recombinant Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Vaccine in Primates

Decreased Specific Antibody Responses to α-Gal-Conjugated Antigen in Animals with Preexisting High Levels of Natural Antibodies Binding α-Gal Residues

Influence of cellular location of expressed antigen on the efficacy of DNA vaccination: cytotoxic T lymphocyte and antibody responses are suboptimal when antigen is cytoplasmic after intramuscular DNA immunization.

Nasal immunization with the mixture of PA63, LF, and a PGA conjugate induced strong antibody responses against all three antigens

Priming of immune responses to hepatitis B surface antigen in young mice immunized in the presence of maternally derived antibodies

Effect of acetylation (O-factor 5) on the polyclonal antibody response to Salmonella typhimurium O-antigen

Iscom is an efficient mucosal delivery system for Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides (MmmSC) antigens inducing high mucosal and systemic antibody responses

Role of CD86 (B7-2) in triggering of antigen-specific IgE antibody response by lipopolysaccharide

Antibody response in mice immunized with a plasmid DNA encoding the colonization factor antigen I of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli


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Another name for an immune response.

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