Lūcius Antōnius

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Younger brother of Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony), was quaestor in Asia 50 bc and in charge of the province for part of 49. As tribune 44, he carried a law allowing Caesar to appoint half the magistrates except for consuls; after Caesar's death he allowed Octavian to address a contio and later was made chairman of a commission to distribute public land (see ager publicus) to veterans and the poor. For his work on this (later annulled by the senate) he was made patron of the 35 tribes (see tribus) and of the ex‐military tribunes; he also (we do not know why) became patron of the equestrians and of the bankers and was honoured with statues in the Forum. He served as a legate under his brother Antony in the war of Mutina, which successfully resisted Antony in 43, and, as consul 41, worked in Antony's interest against Octavian, trying to impress Antony's partisans by assuming the cognomen ‘Pietas’. When he championed Italian cities against Octavian's veterans, Octavian, after securing the neutrality of Antony's commanders, attacked him. He was besieged in Perusia and forced to surrender (40). Octavian pardoned him and sent him to a command in Spain, where he died.

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