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Literally ‘life history, legend’. The thirteenth book of the Khuddaka Nikāya of the Sūtra Piṭaka division of the Pāli Canon. It is a work containing 547 biographies of monks and 40 biographies of nuns.all mentioned as having lived at the time of the Buddha. In addition to these, there are two introductory chapters, the Buddhāpadāna and the Paccekabuddhāpadāna, dealing with the Buddha and the Paccekabuddhas (Skt., Pratyekabuddha) respectively. Despite this, the work contains no account of Gautama Buddha's life or of any of his previous lives as a Bodhisattva. In the same way, the Paccekabuddhāpadāna contains no biography of the Paccekabuddhas. The commentary on the Apadāna is known as the Visuddhajanavilāsinī.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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