Apollo lunar landing missions

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Apollo 11

Neil A. Armstrong Michael Collins Edwin E. Aldrin 1969 July 16–24 Armstrong and Aldrin made first manned lunar landing in Sea of Tranquility, July 20

Apollo 12

Charles Conrad Richard F. Gordon Alan L. Bean 1969 November 14–24 Conrad and Bean landed in Ocean of Storms, near unmanned robot probe Surveyor 3, November 19

Apollo 13

James A. Lovell John L. Swigert Fred W. Haise 1970 April 11–17 Landing attempt cancelled after explosion in Service Module

Apollo 14

Alan B. Shepard Stuart A. Roosa Edgar D. Mitchell 1971 January 31 – February 9 Shepard and Mitchell landed near crater Fra Mauro on February 5

Apollo 15

David R. Scott Alfred M. Worden James B. Irwin 1971 July 26 – August 7 Scott and Irwin landed near Hadley Rille at foot of Apennine mountains on July 30. First use of lunar rover

Apollo 16

John W. Young Thomas K. Mattingly Charles M. Duke 1972 April 16–27 Young and Duke landed near crater Descartes in lunar highlands on April 21

Apollo 17

Eugene A. Cernan Ronald E. Evans Harrison H. Schmitt 1972 December 7–19 Cernan and Schmitt landed near crater Littrow, on edge of Sea of Serenity, December 11

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