Archaeoglobus fulgidus

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An anaerobic, sulfate- reducing archaeon found in hyperthermal environments. Its genome is a DNA circle that contains 2,178,400 base pairs. There are 2,436 ORFs, with an average size of 822 base pairs. Of 78 genes assigned to amino-acid biosynthetic pathways, over 90% have homologs in Methanococcus jannashii (q.v.). Over half of A. fulgidus ORFs are URFs. No inteins (q.v.) occur in this species, whereas M. jannashii has 18. See Classification, Archaea, Euryarchaeota; Chronology, 1997, Klenk et al.; Archaebacteria, hyperthermophiles.

Subjects: Genetics and Genomics.

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