(c. 1123—1198) administrator and abbot of Dunfermline

'Archibald' can also refer to...

Alan Archibald Campbell Swinton (1863—1930) electrical engineer

(Albert Edward) Harry Mayer Archibald Primrose (1882—1974) landowner and racehorse breeder

Andrew Archibald Paton (1811—1874) diplomatist and author


Archibald Acheson (1776—1849) governor-in-chief of British North America

Archibald Adair (c. 1583—1647) Church of Ireland bishop of Waterford and Lismore

Archibald Alexander (1855—1917)

Archibald Alison (1757—1839) Scottish Episcopal clergyman and writer on aesthetics

Archibald Allan Bowman (1883—1936)

Archibald Armstrong (c. 1596—1672) court fool

Archibald Arthur (1744—1797) Church of Scotland minister and university teacher

Archibald Barr (1855—1931) engineer and manufacturer of range-finders

Archibald Baxter (1881—1970)

Archibald Bell (1755—1854) writer

(Archibald) Bentley Beauman (1888—1977) army officer

Archibald Billing (1791—1881) physician

Archibald Bonar (1753—1816) Church of Scotland minister

Archibald Bower (c. 1688—1766) religious controversialist and historical writer

Archibald Boyd (1803—1883) dean of Exeter

Archibald Bruce (1748—1816) minister of the Secession church and author

Archibald Bruce Campbell (1881—1966) broadcaster

Archibald Byron Macallum (1858—1934)

Archibald Cameron (1707—1753) physician and Jacobite conspirator

Archibald Campbell (1691—1756) Church of Scotland minister and theologian

Archibald Campbell (1877—1963) editor of highland bagpipe music and lawyer

Archibald Campbell (1538—1573) magnate and protestant reformer

Archibald Campbell (c. 1443—1513) magnate

Archibald Campbell (1679—1703) nobleman and politician

Archibald Campbell (c. 1606—1661) nobleman and politician


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