'Archers' can also refer to...

Alexander Archer Vandegrift (1887—1973)


Archer Daniels Midland

Archer Family

Archer James Oliver (1774—1842) portrait painter

Archer, Jeffrey

Archer John Porter Martin (1910—2002) biochemist

Archer Philip Crouch (b. 1857)

Archer Thompson Gurney (1820—1887) Church of England clergyman and hymn writer

Archer, Violet (1913—2000)



Archers Of Loaf

Edward Archer (1718—1789) physician


Frederick James Archer (1857—1886) jockey

Frederick Scott Archer (1813—1857) inventor of the collodion process in photography

George Archer Shee (c. 1895—1919) literary prototype

Georgina Archer (1827—1882) promoter of women's education

Harry Archer

Iain Archer

James Archer (1550—1620) Jesuit

James Archer (1822—1904) painter

James Archer (1751—1834) Roman Catholic preacher

James Jay Archer (1817—1864)

John Archer (1616—1639) separatist minister and writer

John Archer (fl. c. 1650—1698) medical practitioner

John Lee Archer (1791—1852)

John Richard Archer (1863—1932) local politician and Pan-Africanist


Quick Reference

A farming radio soap opera, which has been broadcasting its ‘everyday story of country folk’ since 1950, and which was originally conceived as a vehicle by which the Ministry of Agriculture could disseminate information. The story has now covered several generations of the Archer family and their neighbours.

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