Ariuşd (Erosal), Romania

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One of a small number of tell mounds in Transylvania situated in the upper Olt Valley, the site gives its name to a regional variant of the Cucenteni Culture. Excavations by F. László between 1907 and 1913 revealed seven main occupation levels. Levels I–VI contained Ariuşd‐style painted wares together with a range of gold jewellery and copper ornaments, weapons, and tools. Abundant evidence for craft activities was recovered, including a workshop in which pottery was made. The final phase, Level VII, belongs to the late Copper Age of the region.


A. László, 1993, Asezari intarite ale culturii Ariusd‐Cucureni in sud‐estul Transilvaniei. Fortificarea asezarii Malnas‐Bai. Arheologia Moldovei, 16, 33–48

Subjects: Archaeology.

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