Artaxerxes II

(c. 436—358 bc)

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(c. 436–358bc)

King of Persia 404–358, the son of Darius II. He crushed the rebellion of his younger brother Cyrus the Younger at Cunaxa in 401. By the peace of Antalcidas, made with the Spartans in 386, he recovered the Greek cities of Asia Minor, but he was unsuccessful in his attempts to repossess Egypt, and he put down the satraps' revolt of 366–358 only with difficulty. His son, Artaxerxes III, killed his brothers and crushed two rebellious satraps in order to establish his power. In 343 he finally forced Egypt back into the empire, but his reign was one of terror and he was murdered by his minister Bagoas in 338.

Subjects: World History.

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