James Arthur

(1819—1885) clothing retailer and manufacturer

'James Arthur' can also refer to...

Arthur James Balfour (1848—1930) prime minister and philosopher

Arthur James Cain

Arthur James Ewins (1882—1957) chemist

Arthur James Johnes (1809—1871) judge

Arthur James Mason (1851—1928) Church of England clergyman and theologian

Arthur James Rook (1918—1991) dermatologist and author

Arthur James Stark (1831—1902) landscape and animal painter

Arthur Lloyd James (1884—1943) phonetician

Arthur William James Greenwood (1911—1982) politician

James Arthur (1587—1654) Dominican friar and theologian

James Arthur Kjelgaard (1910—1959)

James Arthur Miller (1855—1939) rugby administrator and schoolmaster

James Arthur O'Connor (1792—1841) artist

(James) Arthur Salter (1881—1975) civil servant, politician, and political scientist

(James) Arthur White Chisnall (1925—2006) social worker and club and concert promoter

James Arthur Wilson (1795—1882) physician

Sir Arthur James Elvin (1899—1957) sports promoter

Sir James Arthur Hanbury (1832—1908) military surgeon

Victor James Arthur Willing (1928—1988) artist

William Arthur James Wallace (1842—1902) army officer and railway engineer


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