John Arthur

(1703—1772) actor and designer of stage machinery

'John Arthur' can also refer to...

Daley, Arthur John

Strutt, Arthur John (1819)

John Arthur Malcolm Aldridge (1905—1983) painter and gardener

John William Arthur (1881—1952) missionary and physician

Arthur John Arberry (1905—1969) orientalist

John Arthur Coiley (1932—1998) museum curator

(Arthur) John Harvey Blackwell (1937—1997) publisher

Arthur John Bigge (1849—1931) courtier

Arthur John Butler (1844—1910) Italian scholar and mountaineer

Sir Arthur John Power (1889—1960) naval officer

John Arthur Roebuck (1801—1879) politician

(Arthur) Christopher John Soames (1920—1987) politician

Arthur John Sargent (1871—1947)

Sir John Arthur Stallworthy (1906—1993) obstetrician and gynaecologist

John Arthur Douglas Bloomfield (1802—1879) diplomatist

Arthur John Byng Wavell (1882—1916) army officer and explorer

David Arthur John Tyrrell (1925—2005) virologist

John Arthur Thomson (1861—1933)

Kennedy, John Arthur

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