associative recognition

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associative recognition

associative recognition

Age, Criterion Flexibility, and Associative Recognition

Emotion recognition associated with polymorphism in oxytocinergic pathway gene ARNT2

Recognition and analysis of protein-coding genes in severe acute respiratory syndrome associated coronavirus

Cerebral blood flow relationships associated with a difficult tone recognition task in trained normal volunteers.

Prefrontal Activation Associated with Social Attachment: Facial-Emotion Recognition in Mothers and Infants


The WMS-III verbal paired associates recognition task: exploration of an alternative approach

Recognition of tumor-associated antigens by T-lymphocytes: Perspectives for peptide-based vaccines

Peptides specific to the galectin-3 carbohydrate recognition domain inhibit metastasis-associated cancer cell adhesion

Associative Recognition Memory Awareness Improved by Theta-Burst Stimulation of Frontopolar Cortex

Genetic Variation in Pattern Recognition Receptors and Adaptor Proteins Associated With Development of Chronic Q Fever

High frequency oscillations are associated with cognitive processing in human recognition memory

The Fanconi anemia associated protein FAAP24 uses two substrate specific binding surfaces for DNA recognition

Birds associate species-specific acoustic and visual cues: recognition of heterospecific rivals by male blackcaps

Putative Chemosignals of the Ferret (Mustela furo) Associated with Individual and Gender Recognition

The fungal pattern recognition receptor, Dectin-1, and the associated cluster of C-type lectin-like receptors

Recognition of pathogen-associated nucleic acids by endosomal nucleic acid-sensing toll-like receptors


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Requirement for the initiation of an immune response of the simultaneous recognition by T lymphocytes of the antigen in association with another structure, normally a cell-surface alloantigen encoded within the major histocompatibility complex.

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