associative illusion

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Any visual illusion in which one part of an image or object is misperceived because of the effect of another. Also called a geometric illusion. See Baldwin illusion, chequer-shadow illusion, Craik-O'Brien effect, curvature illusion, Delboeuf illusion, Ebbinghaus illusion, Ehrenstein's brightness illusion, Ehrenstein's square illusion, filled-space illusion, filling-in illusion, Fraser spiral, Gelb effect, Helmholtz illusion, Hering illusion, Hermann grid, hollow squares illusion, horizontal-vertical illusion, irradiation illusion, Jastrow illusion, Kardos effect, Land effect, Margaret Thatcher illusion, Morinaga misalignment illusion, Müller-Lyer illusion, Münsterberg illusion, Orbison illusion, Ouchi illusion, pattern-induced flicker colour, Poggendorff illusion, Ponzo illusion, Sander parallelogram, star illusion, teacup illusion, top hat illusion, twisted-cord illusion, Wundt illusion, Zanforlin illusion, Zöllner illusion. See also context effect, field effect, visual induction.

Subjects: Psychology.

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